The Wedding of Melissa + Michael

Before reading Michael's letter aloud, Melissa said, "I haven't even opened it and I'm going to cry... I'm just going to take a minute..." That moment was brief, powerful and completely encapsulated Melissa + Michael's day. You could feel them wanting to cling to every emotion and be present during every moment. We were in such awe to see the amount of friends and family who truly admire, love and care for Melissa + Michael. It is the perfect reflection of who they are.

We feel so lucky to have been able to work with these two and it was actually the second time we’ve “worked” together. A few years ago Joelle and I were enjoying a paint-and-sip night, which is where you drink wine and paint, pretty self-explanatory but super fun! Our instructor was none other than Melissa! We connected the dots after meeting in person and both of us saying “You look really familiar”.

Film: Millside Wedding Films
Venue: Interlaken Inn
Photo: Jessica Oh Photography
Band: Silver Arrow Band