Hello all! We are Josh and Joelle, the duo behind Millside Wedding Films. We are a pair of creatives who enjoy love in all its many forms, and find joy in telling the love stories of others. We ourselves have had quite the journey from getting to know one another in Europe while on a trip during our undergrad, to remaining friends post-graduation, to ultimately realizing we were actually each other’s person all along. Because of our own story, we are huge believers in the old saying, "timing is everything!" Now we are engaged, planning our own wedding and getting ready to begin a new chapter in our book!

So couples, we are officially in the same boat as you. Let's talk!




I am a firm believer in doing what you love and after many years of searching, I've found exactly what that is; Millside Wedding Films. Creating a piece of art that preserves your very unique day brings me immense joy!

I am a creative at heart who loves to travel, hike, meet new people and learn as much as I can about them. I've watched the entire "The Office" series over 20 times, (Joelle and I have a weekly "Movie Monday" night. Watch Season 3 Episode 3 "The Coup" for the reference!). I am a passionate UConn Huskies basketball fan. I operate on coffee. A good IPA paired with a vinyl record is a match made in heaven. A few of my favorite movies are: The Matrix, Shawshank Redemption, Reservoir Dogs, LOTR, Star Wars: Original Trilogy.

I draw the most inspiration from music and am a culprit of loving too many artists, but ones that are always "right" for me are John Mayer, Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, The Decemberists, The Avett Brothers, The Beatles, and Oasis. One of my favorite things to do is to hop in the car with Joelle and drive. No destination and no plan… just go and see where we end up!




There is such fulfillment in being able to document a wedding – truly the most important rite of passage in a couple’s life. A wedding day can’t be re-created, which is why Josh and I feel it’s so important to have it captured in a wedding film, giving you the opportunity to be able to look back on it and watch forever.

When I’m not at my full-time gig as an audio producer for WSHU Public Radio, you’ll find me occupied with Millside, or behind the camera with my own photography business, Joelle Christine Photo.

Some of my favorite things are staying active by kickboxing, running or playing basketball (Josh doesn’t think I can beat him in one v. one, but I can!), picking out constellations in the night sky, when Josh makes me coffee with his pour-over, and also road-tripping with him to just about anywhere. I am also a devout list-maker and find that it’s hard to function without one. I have a tattoo of a hobbit hole door on my right forearm which serves as a constant reminder to dream big and never stop planning my next adventure.

My musical interests are wide and run parallel to Josh’s, but it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t add Dave Matthews Band, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac and The Shins to the list. I am always up for watching a good chick-flick, Elizabethtown, Alice in Wonderland, Forrest Gump or Hoosiers.